Experienced Forestry Mulching
for the Central Oregon Region

Pro Industries easily conquers the trees and brush for commercial, residential and municipal clients. Our decades of experience allow us to understand the needs of each individual client and project – which means we’ll get the job done quickly and professionally.

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Residential Clearing Services

Keeping the vegetation under control on a wooded property can be labor and time-intensive when done manually, but Pro Industries can handle the task in a fraction of the time. From downed or dead tree clearing to fire line cleanup, our mulching equipment can make quick work of thick brush and unwanted trees with no waste, no hauling, and no burning.

Fire Prevention

Dry vegetation provides wildfires the fuel they need to burn hotter, faster and longer, causing maximum destruction along their path. To protect homes and properties against wildfires, it’s not only smart, but also required to have a certain amount of vegetation-free space around the perimeter of the property.

Property Beautification

To help you create the property of your dreams, a forestry mulching service can thin the foliage on your property, create walking paths, and clear out old landscaping. Your newly-cleared land will be a blank canvas awaiting its next use, whether its fate is to be a garden, pasture, pond, or even a spot for new construction.

Commercial & Municipal Services

With powerful equipment and decades of experience in logging and land clearing we’re able to quickly, safely and efficiently clear land for future use. Using a single piece of machinery, we’re able to cut, grind and mulch the unwanted foliage on land of any terrain, in any type of weather.

Land Development

Pro Industries provides efficient land clearing in preparation for residential and commercial development without the need for bulldozers, chippers or burning. A forestry mulching service has proven to be of great use in commercial and residential land clearing projects, helping in the initial cutting and clearing of brush, foliage and small trees, even in spots with limited access.

Logging and Easements

Loggers often hire us to come in to clear and mulch the leftover brush and wood debris; since the material is shredded to mulch in place, there’s no need to build slash piles that will need to be burned. We also assist in clearing easements, right-of-way, trails and more.

Municipal Projects

City and county governments often use our clearing services to help maintain the natural habitats of the local wildlife because of our ability to get into tight or delicate spots without disturbing the surrounding foliage, as well as for the eco-friendliness of the process. Given these advantages, we can clear overgrowth or invasive plants that deplete nutrients from the soil or block access to water sources, allowing the habitat to thrive once again.

Invasive Species Control

Certain invasive insects like Japanese beetles can devastate fruit and vegetable plants, flowers and other native foliage, leaving behind dead and decaying crops, native grasses, landscaping and more. The dead foliage left behind eventually dries out and is perfect for fueling wildfires. Proactive mulching helps manage these invasive species, reduce soil damage, and allow the natural environment to flourish.

Land Clearing for Central Oregon Homes & Forests

Forestry mulching service is a time and cost-effective solution to not only ensure your property is cleared and free of fire fuel, but also returns the mulched material and its nutrients to the soil.

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