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Pro Industries, LLC is a family-owned company located in La Pine, Oregon and serving the central region of Oregon. Our decades of experience and specialized equipment allow us to provide ecologically-friendly clearing and mulching services to residential, commercial and municipal clients who come to us with needs that include fire prevention, land beautification, pre-construction site clearing and more.

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Pro Industries forestry mulching services

What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a cost-effective land clearing method that cuts, grinds and clears trees or vegetation, instantly turning them into a nutrient-rich mulch. This process is executed using dedicated machinery that features a rotary drum with steel chipper blades that easily chew through the vegetation, leaving behind a protective layer of fresh, organic mulch.

Our Services

Forestry Mulching Applications

Forestry Mulching is Appropriate for a Number of Applications




Tree Cleanup

Species Control


Easement Clearing
& Erosion Control

Forest Thinning
& Trail Clearing

Land Clearing & Fire Prevention

Before & After Forestry Mulching



Benefits of Forestry Mulching

Using a forestry mulcher, land can be efficiently cleared at roughly half the cost and a fraction of the labor of hand cutting methods. Since a single machine is used to perform the entire process, there are far fewer steps involved, making mulching the fastest, cleanest way to clear land. It also eliminates the need to haul away or burn vegetative debris, as all vegetation will instantly be converted to mulch. Forestry mulching also:

  • Provides a fast, cost-effective clearing solution
  • Doesn't require permitting
  • Helps with natural erosion control
  • Doesn't require burning, chipping or hauling
  • Recycles biomass for zero waste
  • Provides a nutrient-rich mat of mulch that increases soil fertility
  • Suitable for all terrain & in many weather conditions
  • Reduces tick population
  • Manages invasive plant and insect species
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Serving the Central Oregon area and beyond. We also serve the entire State of Oregon for larger projects.

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